or 4x $16.25 w/ or 3x $21.66 w/

SterraCare+ includes both premium subscription warranty and filter subscription for your Sterra Moon. You are billed automatically every 6 months.

What's included:

  • Everything in SterraCare
  • Everything in Filter Subscription
  • VIP Access
    • VIP Customer Support
    • Upgrade to newer models at special discounts
    • Exclusive discounts for other Sterra products
  • Free premium warranty as long as you subscribe

What's in SterraCare:

  1. Accidental Damage Coverage - Subject to a service fee
  2. Extended Coverage - Covers more than the manufacturer guarantee period
  3. Technical support - on hardware and software
  4. Express Replacement Service

What's in Filter Subscription:

  1. One Sterra Moon Filter every 6 months