Delivery & Installation Policy


  • Delivery & installation is limited to and within (twelve) months from its date of purchase
  • Operations team will reach out to customers on the installation scheduling 1 - 2 working days from the date of purchase. 
  • Installation arrangement will be made within 1-2 days time from the date of purchase
  • Working hours for technicians : Mon-Fri (10-7pm) , Sat (10-2pm), excluding Sun & PH
  • Duration of installation will be approximately 1 hour, after which our technician will perform a basic demonstration on-site.


  • All installation will require water (5m) and electrical point (1.5m)
  • In total there are 3 main types of installation
    i) Drill and run underneath tabletop to sink
    ii) Run on tabletop to water tap at sink
    iii) Run directly to service yard (piping), drilling if required
  • Water point - require water inlet directly from household’s inlet piping, water outlet varies depending on type of set up required
  • Electrical point - standard 1.5metre 13A (3 Pin Plug)
  • All installation will be explained in detail by our technician and commence upon approval from customer 
  • Drilling into sintered stone and ceramic tiles are highly reactive which our technician will assess on site and advise customers accordingly for possible installation set ups.
  • During the course of drilling, if any damage was found on the tabletop material 50cm away from the drilled hole, our technician will report it and compensation will be assessed by our professional team accordingly. 
  • Company accepts no responsibility for the damages caused to any wall, pipeline, civil works etc while making an installation but at the same time if something goes wrong with the product, the same will be exchanged free of charge to the customer
  • Every unit purchase is entitled to 1 free delivery + installation. Customers are required to inform 3 working days in advance for a change in schedule due to delays (i.e. unavailability of water / electrical point access or no access to the premises) or shall be charged $100 for the 2nd delivery + installation.
  • 1-to-1 exchange only for customers within 7 days from the date of installation.