Why Choose Sterra?

Sleek Minimalist Design: Our products are not just functional; they're designed with a minimalist aesthetic.

Terrific Customer Experience: At Sterra, we're about creating experiences. Our world-class customer service includes dedicated one-on-one support and an expert in-house technician team, ensuring all your needs are met promptly and professionally.

Effective & Affordable: With a Direct-To-Consumer efficiency, we believe in providing effective, high-quality wellness products without the hefty price tag. By eliminating middlemen, we avoid unnecessary mark-ups, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Risk-Free Satisfaction: We're confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

Recognized Globally, Proudly Local: As a brand that takes pride in its local roots, we're thrilled to be an integral part of our community. Our local pride is complemented by global recognition.

Award-Winning Excellence: Our commitment to quality and innovation has been recognized with numerous awards. We are recognized as a No.1 Brand in Shopee. With over 100,000 happy customers who have transformed their homes with Sterra. Our commitment to quality is proven with over 5,000 five-star reviews – a testament to our product excellence.



The Story of How Sterra Began…

After mindlessly grinding through the rat race for many years, I felt aimless and lost after I graduated. 

I was looking for a sense of direction and purpose in my life. I took some time off to backpack in South Korea, looking for inspiration from a new culture. As I moved from one Korean home to another, I had many encounters with Korean homeowners. 

I was always mesmerized by the way Koreans drink water. Almost every home I went to had a really cool device that filters and dispenses water. The device instantly dispenses both hot and cold water with a press of a button. It was really convenient! Oh, and they usually look absolutely amazing! The design fits nicely into the vibe of a minimalistic Korean home.

When I came home to Singapore, I couldn't get used to the inconvenience of boiling water using a kettle. Or having to chill water using the fridge. It was too inefficient! I wanted to bring back that part of "Korean" into Singapore. 

I tried looking around for a water purifier in Singapore. Something that can provide my family and I with instant hot, warm and cold water. But there was a problem: There was nothing in Singapore close to the ones I've used in Korea. 

Most have poor product quality. The few that have acceptable quality have ridiculous price tags. Some require regular maintenance from the technicians, which was so tedious to organize. And it’s also really outdated technology. Some use pushy salesmanship techniques. And most look really bulky and... ugly.

The problem was obvious to me: Singaporeans need a more efficient way to drink water. But there was no one who was trying to solve this problem efficiently. Something in me refuses to settle for anything less than ideal when it comes to drinking water. I guess I've found my sense of direction and purpose. 

We decided to use a Direct-to-Consumer model, to cut out the middlemen and minimize cost of business. These cost-savings are transferred to our customers, making high quality products affordable to everyone. 

Before we started, we decided that there are 3 areas that we will never compromise.

  1. Great Design
  2. Effective & Affordable
  3. World-class Customer Experience


And then off we go… That's how Sterra started.


Expanding the Vision: From Water Purifier To A Full Spectrum of Home Wellness

As our Water Purifier became one of the top brands in Singapore in just within a year, we saw potential in the entire spectrum of home wellness. We decided that we can further improve our quality of life in many different areas. We expanded our product line to include air purifiers, massage chairs, mattresses, and dehumidifiers.

Each product holds the values of Sterra since we started – Great Design, Effective & Affordable, World-class Customer Experience. 

Our water purifiers make drinking water convenient, air purifiers cleanses the air we breathe, our massage chairs rejuvenate our body, our mattresses promise restful sleep, and our dehumidifiers ensure a healthy home environment. 


Our mission is bold – To provide effective and minimalistic home wellness products, making them affordable to everyone.


Why Sterra?

  • Great Design: At Sterra, we believe your home is your place of comfort. Our products are crafted with a minimalist, sleek design that soothes the eyes and uplifts the spirit. They aren’t just appliances; they are pieces of art, enhancing the beauty of your home.


  • Effective & Affordable: Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. We ensure every one of our products effectively improve quality of life, ensuring clean air, pure water, and restful relaxation. With our Direct-to-Consumer business approach, we cut out the middlemen, and pass on the savings to our customers, so everyone can afford premium and effective products. We make luxury living affordable to everyone.


  • World-Class Customer Experience: At Sterra, every customer is a part of our family. Our journey with you goes beyond the purchase. With a dedicated team of over 150, including skilled technicians and compassionate customer service representatives, we ensure every interaction is delightful. Our infrastructure, including a spacious 13,000 sqft warehouse and 20 Sterra Vans, guarantees swift and reliable service. And with 6 stores across Singapore, we are always close to you.