Our Story

We started Sterra because we believe health starts at home. We set out to disrupt the outdated models of the wellness industry. By doing the work to cut out the middlemen, we differentiate ourselves by providing the best quality products at revolutionary prices.

We’re inspired by people who work hard to provide the best for their families. Everyone deserves the best when it comes to health, and home is where our health journey begins. We aim to do our part to help as many people build the healthiest homes by making it as affordable as possible.

Why water is important for health?

71% of the world is made of water and up to 60% of the human body is made of water. Water is crucial for good health and this is where we will start. We started to research on the best water purification technology in the world and it led us to South Korea. South Korea has the highest expectations for their drinking water. Even though tap water in South Korea is safe to drink, most Koreans don’t drink it unless they boil or filter it first. This healthy habit of Koreans led to many resources spent on R&D for water purification technology. After months of research and working with the best people, Sterra’s story begins.