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5 SIGNS That You Need an Air Purifier

Today, many purifiers are now available in the market and almost everyone is buying one. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I really need an air purifier?”  

If you think that the air inside your home is safe, you may want to read on... The air inside your home could be slowly harming you and you might not be even aware of it. Most people think that the air inside their homes is safer because it is away from the harmful gasses and smoke coming from outdoor sources like vehicles and factories. However, there are other sources of harmful gasses and elements that might be present in your homes.


 Here are the five signs that you really need an air purifier.

1. Dust is everywhere in your home.

Dust is more than just bits of dirt and sand from outside. In fact, any solid matter that is broken into small enough bits to be blown around becomes dust.

If you want a cleaner home that has less dust floating around. A good air purifier can remove dust particles before they collect on surfaces.

2. Your home smells something.

You work hard to keep your home looking its best. However, if there’s a strange smell wafting around, it can throw off that welcoming, cozy feeling you deserve. And in some cases, the odor can be a sign of a health risk.

So if you want a fresher-smelling home. Air purifiers with a certain type of filter can extract odor molecules from the air from a variety of sources.

3. You or someone in your house gets sick easily.

Flu and cold are commonly spread through the air. This is because of the small pathogens in the air from those who have a cold and flu. Contacting these diseases is very easy, even if you isolate your household member, there is still a chance that you could get sick too because it is airborne transmitted.

Air purifiers help clear harmful bacteria and viruses, lowering the chance of airborne diseases spreading.

4. You have pets and want to reduce the level of dander, hair, or odors. 

You not only welcome these cute and lovely furry pets but it is vital to note that they come along with an unpleasant odor, dander, and even allergies. No matter how frequently you opt for home cleaning services, if there is a pet, you would definitely end up getting everything messy in and around your home.

An air purifier is an excellent device for trapping all types of particles emitted by cats, dogs, and other pets so your home stays cleaner.

Bonus, it keeps them healthy too!

5. You want to be as healthy as possible while inside your home. 

Air purifiers were designed specifically for this reason. Most everyone who uses an air purifier experiences general improvement in health.

Promises to make everyone in your house be healthy as possible while safely enjoying the comfort of your home.

If you can relate to the reasons mentioned or have been struggling with health issues related to air quality, you probably need an air purifier.

So which air purifier would be best for you and your family?

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It is equipped with a hospital-grade True HEPA-13 that can filter air contaminants and harmful chemicals. Sterra is one of the few air purifiers in Singapore that have the latest UV and Negative Ion Technology, making it one of the most sought-after brands.

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