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We've Never Done This Before...

🚨 We’ve Never Done This Before...
"Are you crazy?"
That’s what our finance team asked us when we told them about the massive discount we wanted to give for our Sterra Moon Air Purifier Launch Sale.
They felt giving away $300,000 worth of discounts on our original prices of Air Purifiers was just TOO much.
But hey, we just want to give Singaporeans the fastest and easiest way to get clean and healthy air to clear dust and bacteria from homes... So that we can breathe easily, clear our sinus and allergies fast.
And the data speaks for itself:
Over 76% of our Sterra Moon customers literally felt obvious results by simply having a Sterra Moon Air Purifier around them.
Our finance team eventually agreed to the idea - on ONE conditions:
1. We can only set aside 1,200 Sterra Moon Air Purifiers at these insane prices of 50% OFF.
It sounded reasonable to us - so we’re happy to announce:
Simply purchase an Sterra Moon Air Purifier Now and get $250 OFF savings for each purchase:
🚨 What is Sterra Moon Air Purifier and how does it help me breathe easily, clear our sinus and allergies fast?
Sterra Moon Air Purifier is Singapore's leading Air Purifier that gets rid of 99.97% of all airborne contaminants, bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens effectively!
🏠 Fresh, clean air with ultra-effective 3-in-1 True HEPA-13
🔇 Soft whisper-quiet so it won’t disturb your sleep
🌬 280 m3/hr of fresh, clean air – can even purify 15 sqm rooms in less than 8 minutes!
⚡ Energy-friendly – consumes up to 47% lower electricity than other brands
🔥 Easy to use – just one touch on the ControlSphere to turn it on!
🧬 UV Tech upgrade available!
Get rid of dust at home and breathe freely as you please!
🚨 How has Sterra Moon Air Purifier helped Singaporeans?
David L., 52,
“Sterra Moon is an amazing product! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and feel so much better. I have more energy, less irritability in my eyes, and managed to get rid of my sinus. I love it!”
Geraldine T., 33
“I used to experience a lot of nose allergy and sinus since young. After using Sterra Moon every night when I sleep… my nose and throat definitely feels better. And this is without crazy sprays, medicine or surgery..”
Paul L., 27
“Adding Sterra Moon in my room was the best decision I made in 2022!
I used to sneeze and have blocked nose every night so I can't sleep properly. Now I sleep so well every night and I never seem to fall sick like before. After using for 3 months, I feel so much better and healthier. My room also no longer smells haha”
🔥 Best To Act Fast Though… This Is A Limited-Time Deal!
We’re on strict orders from our finance department to only give this low prices for 1,200 Sterra Moon Air Purifiers.
Because at $250 OFF per Air Purifier, that’s $300,000 we’re giving away to help Singaporeans feel comfortable and be healthier.
A worthwhile investment for sure - but we still have to keep the business running. 😂
And if you get your Sterra Moon Air Purifier now, you’ll enjoy a whopping $250 OFF during our limited-time promo. It's your FINAL CHANCE to get this!
That’s why once these 1,200 Sterra Moon Air Purifiers are snapped up, that’s it.
This special deal will be taken off the table.
So act fast while this is still fresh on your mind.
Honestly, there’s NOTHING to lose... We’re guaranteeing that you will feel results in 90 days or less…
Or we’ll give you your money back.
It’s as simple as that.
Get your Sterra Moon Air Purifier today at $250 OFF:
Plus, we’ll also pay for your shipping so the delivery is 100% FREE! 🤯
So hurry and get your Sterra Moon air purifier now.
Stocks are running out fast so don't lose out of this $250 worth of savings!