or 4x $49.75 w/ or 3x $66.33 w/

SterraCare+ includes both premium subscription warranty and the maintenance and cleaning service for your Sterra Massage Chair. You are billed automatically every 6 months.

What's included:

  • Everything in SterraCare
  • Everything in Maintenance & Cleaning Service
  • VIP Access
    • VIP Customer Support
    • Upgrade to newer models at special discounts
    • Exclusive discounts for other Sterra products
  • Free premium warranty as long as you subscribe

What's in SterraCare:

  1. Accidental Damage Coverage - Subject to a service fee
  2. Extended Coverage - Covers more than the manufacturer guarantee period
  3. Technical support - on hardware and software
  4. Express Replacement Service

What's in Maintenance & Cleaning:

  1. General Inspection 
  2. Cleaning: internal and external 
    1. Includes leather polishing 
  3. Oiling and lubrication 
    1. Mechanical parts such as rollers and motors may need regular oiling or lubrication to function smoothly and reduce wear and tear. 
  4. Replacement of worn-out parts (if any)
    1. Some components of the chair might wear out over time: upholstery, airbags, or electronic parts. 
    2. Replacement for these parts can help maintain the chair’s performance and extend its lifespan. 
    3. Does not include leather replacement. 
  5. Software updates (if any)
    1. Our massage chairs have digital features or functionalities. 
    2. Regular software updates are required to ensure optimal performance.

Massage Chair Maintenance Steps:

  1. Check electrical connections for PCB, voice control, motor and sensor to ensure that there is no loose connection.
  2. Apply machine lubricant on the roller and internal chain to make it run smooth.
  3. Check all the airbags condition and cable connection.
  4. Check footrest actuator and the internal cable connections.
  5. Check control panel connections and functionality.
  6. Vacuum and wipe (with a dry cloth) all the hidden areas to clean the dust.
  7. Polish the whole leather cover using the leather polishing spray.
  8. Kill the bacteria from hand rest, neck, back and footrest area using UV sterilizer light.
  9. Assemble the plastic back cover and leather cover properly.
  10. Initiate any basic massage cycle to ensure that the massage chair is fully functional.