Historically, hunter gathers drink water from rivers if they have access to them. When there were no rivers or lakes around, they build wells to get access to groundwater. As you can imagine, more often than not, these water are poor quality and people often get sick or die from water-related diarrheal diseases. 

The Romans were the greatest architects of water distribution networks in history. They used river, spring or groundwater to supply water to the people. They built dams in rivers, causing lakes to form. The lake water was aerated and then supplied. Because of its quality, the mountain water was the most popular type of water. 

From 500 to 1500 A.D. there was little development in the water treatment area. In the Middle Ages countless cities were manifested. In these cities wooden plumbing was used. Soon, circumstances became highly unhygienic, because waste and excrements were discharged into the water. People that drank this water fell ill and often died.

Today, water purification is much more advanced. While tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, it may not be the highest quality. On occasion, we may encounter poor tasting water due to chlorination of discolored water. As water gets distributed from reservoirs to homes, they pass through old pipes and water tanks, which may have corroded over time. This happens due to quality issues or occurs over time. Clean water at reservoirs end up not as high quality when they arrive at our homes even though they are safe to drink.

As we innovate to ensure the highest water quality for our healthy homes, water treatment and purification needs to be done right before we consume them. This can be achieved using a last mile water purifier dispenser that cleans the water that has travelled through tanks and pipes before arriving at our homes. This means that your tap water would be safe from lead, micro-plastics and other pollutants from pipes and tanks. This is highest quality water, even cleaner than boiling water. This is the standard Sterra aims to achieve for every home.

Every family deserves the best when it comes to health.