Surprising Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

Surprising Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

You’ve heard a lot about air purifiers. You’ve likely browsed them online or in the store, heard friends rave about them, and maybe wondered how an air purifier could help you.

 Did you know that air purifiers don’t just clear dust and pollen out of the air?


They do much, much more! Keep reading to discover some of the incredible health benefits of air purifiers and how they can’t prevent so many problems.


Removing Odor and Mold Spores

Whether it’s a stinky pet, tobacco smoke, cooking smells, or that strange smell always wafting in from your neighbor’s yard, an air purifier can really make a difference. While any filter will help, there are some filters whose primary goal is to remove odors and make sure your home is smelling fresh for anyone living there or an unexpected guest. It’s important to note that an air purifier can also trap and remove mold spores that are airborne. By removing the mold from your environment, it cannot travel and multiply, impacting your health.

Removing Allergens and Asthma Triggers

I think we can all agree pollen season never seems to lessen. There’s always something blooming and always a reason to sniffle. What about the dust? No matter how you clean, it’s still there. For someone with allergies or asthma, that’s a quality of life issue. 

Did you know that an air purifier can even capture particles that you can’t see? The air purifier will lock these allergens into the filter, releasing only clear, clean air. This is especially useful for pet owners or those who suffer from an allergy. Pet dander, which can be problematic for many, is reduced greatly with an air purifier.

Trap Smoke and Asbestos

Smoke from the grill or firepit can cause your nasal passages to swell and your throat to ache. It’s more than just an odor, it’s also fine particles that are filling the air. What about asbestos? The once common material known to cause cancer still exists in items that need to be heat or fireproof, such as pipe insulations and some types of clothing. It’s not safe to be breathing, but when we inhale, we can’t see what’s in the air. This is when your air purifier can really benefit your health.

Eliminate VOC’s

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are found in chemicals such as paints, aerosol sprays, clothes from a dry cleaner, furniture, and more. These are very common items that we all have in our homes. The problem is, VOC’s lead to many health problems, and it’s important to reduce our exposure to them as much as possible. Air purifiers are able to reduce the VOC’s in the air through filtration, as well as increase circulation, allowing for cleaner, healthier air. 

Improves Sleep and Reduces Stress

An air purifier is working not only to filter pollutants in the air causing you to have a restless night, but also to reduce the chance that you’ll wake up when there’s an unwelcome disturbance, such as a dog barking or a loud vehicle passing your home. With this cleaner air, you will breathe easier, sleep better, and wake refreshed, not stuffy. More sleep and of a higher quality equals less stress! 

Bacteria and Viruses

It’s easily understood that bacteria and viruses cause a lot of health problems, both for those relatively healthy and those who have immune systems that are weakened. Did you know that an air purifier can actually remove bacteria and viruses? UV light and Ti02 type air purifiers are known to kill these airborne germs as the air circulates through the system. Their DNA structure actually gets broken down, deactivating their ability to reproduce and cause illness. When the air purifier is run, germs and allergens quickly die off, leaving clean, healthy air behind. 

As you can see air purifiers do a lot more than just “clean the air.” An air purifier can completely change your quality of life, providing you with clean, healthy air both when awake and asleep. By removing allergens, dangerous VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, and more, you’ll be sleeping better, breathing easier, and living healthier, without any additional effort on your part than plugging in the unit and pressing the one button.  


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