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Breaking news: Sterra Sun™ Dehumidifier is included in this list alongside Novita and Philips by The New Age Parents.
Effortlessly lessen your sticky, sweaty days and protect your health and home against molds with Sterra Sun™.
  • Prevent mould growth for a healthier home
  • Reduce humidity for a comfortable home
  • 3X faster to dry clothes indoor regardless of weather
  • High 3.2L water tank capacity so you don’t need to drain water frequently
  • Tailored for Singaporean homes: Space-efficient and elegant design
  • 2-in-1 Function: Reduce Humidity & Purify air
  • Most cost-effective dehumidifier in the market
  • Most Reviewed Dehumidifier Brand in Singapore
    1 piece
    $349 $549
    (Save $200)
    2 pieces
    $648 $1098
    (Save $450)
    3 pieces
    $947 $1647
    (Save $700)
    Add On Additional Warranty:

    To extend your coverage further, purchase Sterra Care! One-stop service and support from Sterra experts.

    2 Years Additional Warranty
    $75 $150
    (Save $75)
    4 Years Additional Warranty
    $125 $300
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    Add On Filter Replacement:

    Eliminate up to 99.8% of airborne contaminants with the Air Purification feature—which uses Pre-filter and HEPA-11 to clean the air in up to 30m2 areas.

    (Includes 1 filter)
    (Includes 2 filters)
    (Includes 3 filters)

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    • Free 1 Year Warranty (Worth $100)
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    • 1 Filter Included