$699.00 $1,799.00
or 4x $174.75 w/ or 3x $233.00 w/
Due to the current worldwide increase in raw material costs, we will be increasing our prices by $100 after the current batch sells out. This will be the last batch at this current price.

Singapore’s most budget-friendly tank water purifier that dispenses filtered hot and cold water instantly.

  • Dispenses hot water at 95°C and cold water at 4°C instantly
  • Design with a proven effective 4-Stage Filtration System so the water tastes so pure and clean
  • Connects directly to the water supply so you don’t need to top up water
  • With a food-grade, hygienic, and rust-proof stainless steel tank that carries a high volume of water you can quickly get

Our customers love this so much that we have ran out of stock for Sterra X Standing - Black. If you order now, you will receive yours only around early-November. Get it today to avoid waiting even longer!

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