Chromium Grey (50% Deposit)

Chromium Grey (50% Deposit)

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Health, no metal taste

Best quality, affordable price

Self-Maintenance Technology

UV Nozzle Sterilization

Current Batch: currently SOLD OUT. Pre-order the next batch, ready by the end of May! 


Instantly Dispenses 4 Temperatures

Dispense room temperature, cold, warm, or hot water in 4, 25, 40, 87°C instantly.

UV Automated Sterilisation

UV-C LED at nozzle automatically sterilises. Keeps water clean and healthy all the time.

4 Stages Filtration System

Removing suspended solids, chlorine, pathogenic bacteria, and odors. Providing healthy and fresh water without metal or rusty taste.

Volume Control

Dispense water 120ml, 250ml, 550ml, or as much as you like, automatically.

Filter Change Indicator

Get notified whenever the filter needs to be changed. Ensuring you get fresh and premium quality water every time.


With an electric steriliser module, it self-cleans internal flow path by electrolysis sterilisation. Sterra Water purifier is self-maintained.

Hot Cold Tankless Water Dispenser

Power consumption: AC 220 - 240 V / 50 or 60 Hz 
Net weight: 9.2kg 

Width: 182mm 
Depth: 509mm 
Height: 403mm

Made in Korea

Complete Inner and Outer Sterilisation

Nozzle Sterilization

UV-C LED at nozzle automatically sterilizes. Keeps water clean and healthy all the time.

Water Path Sterilization

With an electric sterilizer module, it self-cleans internal flow path by electrolysis sterilization.

Full Stainless Steel Cooling Pipes

All pipes are made of stainless steel to prevent germs and contamination.

4 Stage Filtration System

Pre Carbon Block Filter

Filters out suspended solid such as dust, rust and sand. Absorbs and removes various organic compounds such as residual chlorine and disinfectant.

UF and Post Carbon Block Filter

Ultra small micropores of 0.01 microns help filter out harmful contaminants and pathogenic bacteria. The remaining gas and carbon are absorbed once more to remove odors and provide a fresher water taste.

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