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Sterra Moon Air Purifier In Singapoor


Traps large airborne particles,

dust, pet fur, etc

With a patented Pre-filter fabric that captures hair, dust, lint, and pet fur...

So you can wake up congestion-free in the morning and stay this way throughout your day...

And have lesser dust and pet fur on your furnishings.


Eliminates foul odours & absorbs formaldehyde

Engineered with an Activated Carbon layer to remove unpleasant smells and odours—including pet and litterbox smell, tobacco stench, haze smell, and more.

It also absorbs formaldehyde—a deadly chemical commonly found in gas stoves, wood furniture, walls, and floors.


Captures airborne viruses,

allergens, etc

Eliminates tiny pollutants in the air such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, PM 2.5, dust mites, mould spores, and more using its True HEPA-13...

So they don't trigger or worsen allergies and respiratory problems.


Enjoy peaceful, quiet days

Sterra Moon™ operates as silent as a soft whisper (20 dB) on its lowest fan setting so you won’t notice it running and purifying your air even at night.

Perfect for homes with light sleepers, infants, and those who have a long day and want to have a restful night while breathing in safe, clean air.


Do you have pets at home? Sterra Moon™ is perfect for pet-friendly homes!

Whether you’re tired of pet fur sticking to your sofa, freshly-washed clothes, foods and drinks, and more…Or have been trying to get rid of pet odour and urine smell effectively…

Then Sterra Moon™ is all you need to capture the pet fur floating in the air and the foul odour you can’t get rid of easily.

And some more features

  • Shows you when to replace the filter

    The ring colour indicator will keep flashing red when it's time to replace the filter, so you don’t need to track it yourself.

  • Filter lasts long

    The powerful filter works effectively and reliably for one to 1 ½ years if you use it for 4 - 6 hours a day*, so you’re protected all year round.

  • Lasts for many years

    Engineered and designed with durable and tough materials so it lasts for many years.

Sterra Moon™ eliminates up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants




Harmful Chemicals




Dust Mites

Mould (fungus)

Skin Flakes

Pollen & Spores

Textile Fiber

Cat Fur

Dog Fur

Other Pet Dander

Volatile Organic Compound

What customers say about Sterra Moon Air Purifier

  • Quiet and easy maintenance and doesn’t take up much foot print.

    — Grace T.

  • Easy to set up and use. Love the indication on the panel for the air quality status!

    — Diann C.

  • Ever since I placed the Sterra MOON in my room, it is noticable that sneezing has reduced. Great buy!

    — Lynn Y.

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Breathe in fresher, healthier and odour-free air with the ultra-effective medical-grade air purifier equipped with the same filter grade hospitals use.

Sterra Moon™ True HEPA-13 Air Purifier

Kills 99.97% of bacteria and viruses with HEPA-13 filter

Neutralises foul odours with an Activate Carbon Layer

Absorbs formaldehyde which is a deadly chemical found in gas stoves, furnitures, floor and walls

Reduces dust in your home and removes allergens that may cause allergies or respiratory problems

100% Free Delivery and Installation

Delivers in the next 3 working days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to operate the machine?

Once the air purifier is plugged into the power source and you do not see the “eyeball”, press the Power ON/OFF button on the white panel.

How do I know if the filter needs replacing?

The colour ring will keep flashing red.

What does the colours of the light ring mean?

The colours of the light ring indicate the air quality. Blue –good air quality, Yellow –average air quality, Red –poor air quality

What is the machine external casing made of?

The machine’s external casing is ABS. ABS is a material that is very sturdy and hard, thus having strong resistance to physical impacts.

What can the air purifier remove?

Able to remove 99.97% of airborne particles, up to as small as 0.3 microns; Capable of removing allergens, smoke, dust, PM2.5, viruses, pet fur, foul odour, bacteria and formaldehyde.

What is the benefit of the UV/Ion function?

UV - Kills/inactivates airborne bacteria, mould, viruses and pathogens by destroying their DNA/RNA using UV-C; Ion - The machine will release healthy ions to bind with airborne viruses, dust particles, free radicals and pollen for easy cleanup.

How does the UV function work?

The UV is housed within the air purifier. Hence, the unpurified air will pass through the UV before release as purified air.

How do you adjust the wind speed?

There are 2 ways which you can adjust the wind speed. 1st is via the app, of which app installation instructions are provided in the manual. 2nd is by manually adjusting the “eyeball”. The greater the angle of adjustment, the lower the wind speed.

I can’t decide between the UV or Ion version. Which should I choose?

If you are looking for a machine to remove unpleasant odours more effectively, you may choose the Ion version. On the other hand, if you are looking to remove bacteria and viruses more effectively, you may consider the UV version. That being said, both machines are still capable of removing bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours.

If I never open the original filter packaging, how long can the filter last?

3 years from the date of manufacture

If the filter is already placed into the machine, how long can the filter last?

2,200 hours. Assuming the air purifier is switched on for 6-8 hours, the filter is expected to last for 9-12 months. However, filter replacement duration also depends on the environment where the air purifier is placed at. Hence, please check the filter periodically to ensure the air purifier is working at its best condition.

Is the filter same size as Sterra Breeze?

No. The Sterra Moon filter is 225 x 225 x 170mm while the Sterra Breeze filter is 215 x 215 x 256mm.

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