Delivery and Installation

We will take care of everything needed for delivery and installation at no additional cost.

Our highly trained technicians will visit your house to see how to do the installation as it is usually pretty dependent on the layout of your home. We will discuss some options with you and then proceed with the work.

In general, the Sterra Water Purifier needs to be connected to the water supply and electricity. Installation in general takes less than an hour.

Sterra is a company founded in Singapore and we can ship and install the water purifier in less than a week depending on your availability.

There is no problem if the water point is far away from the water supply. As the tubing we use is ¼ inch in diameter, the water pressure will still flow smoothly from the water point even if it's far away.

Maintenance and Warranty

Equipped with the latest technology in UV Sterilization and electrolytic sterilization, Sterra Water Purifier is self-maintaining. No manual cleaning needed. It cleans on its own and the only time you will open it is when you change filters. And that, is even super easy.

Sterra Water Dispenser comes with a filter change reminder lamp which will light up when it's time to replace it. Replacement for the water filter is also designed to be so easy so that you can do it yourself in a few minutes. Our technician will show you exactly how when we do the installation.

There are two filters in the Sterra Water Dispenser. The average duration, depending on usage,

  • Filter 1: Change every 4 months
  • Filter 2: Change every 8 months

Yes we have warranty covered.

3 Years part warranty (leakage and touch panel) - Currently, we have a promo to extend this to lifetime parts warranty with a photo review campaign.

1 Year motor warranty

Our technician will cover everything from transport and labour, so there’s no cost at all from your end.

Sterra Water Dispenser is crafted with care with over 20 years of experience. We are proud to say that Sterra is built for durability. In the unlikely event that the motor breaks down after 1 year, we will handle all repair at a low cost of $100-$300 to you, depending on what breaks. We don’t make profits from servicing the Sterra Water Purifier. It’s done at cost as part of our customer service.

Sterra Water Purifier is a tankless model which draws water directly from your water supply. It means there is no need for you to top up. This is the best way for convenience and also hygiene, because water purifiers with tanks often have issues of bacteria buildup in the tanks over time.

(on user manual page 21)

Close the tap water supply valve.
Unplug the power plug
Open the filter cover on the side of pro
Rotate the filter counter clockwise to remove it.
Turn the new filter clockwise to fit.
Close the filter cover after the filter has been replaced.
Open the tap water supply valve and connect to the power supply.
Press the dispense button for 6 seconds to ensure cleaning.
Water purifier is ready to use.

The recommended timing to change the filter for:

Pre carbon block filter: 4 months

UF and post carbon block filter: 8 months

Our water purifier comes with a filter replacement alarm as well. (find out more on user manual page 20)

Nozzle sterilisation works by pushing the nozzle to the product. The UV light will then start blinking to indicate that the UV sterilising process is ongoing.

The UV light will stop blinking after 30 minutes and light up normally indicating that the sterilisation is complete.

Push in nozzle to begin sterilisation process. Button on the interface will start blinking. The sterilisation process will take 30 minutes. Blinking will stop after the process is complete, and UV sterilisation button will light up.

You can choose to sterilise as and when you like. It's a personal preference.

We provide 1 year motor warranty, and 3 years parts warranty for touch screen and water leaks.

When the motor warranty ends, you can still contact us to do servicing.

Sterra provides 3 years parts warranty for touch screen and water leaks. If any leaking happens, kindly contact us at +65 3165 0198 or


We'd love to see you. We're located at 29 Media Circle #05-25/26, Alice@Mediapolis, South Tower, Singapore 138565. Showroom visit though are by appointment so please contact us via Whatsapp (+65 31650198) for availability.

We currently have an ongoing new launch promotion! Save $600 to get a Sterra water purifier now.

Promo price: $1,599.00

Normal price: $2,199.00

$100 off per unit if buy 2 units.

$100 referral per unit.

No, we don't take in trade ins.

You can drop an email to our customer support team at

Alternatively, drop us a call, or message our WhatsApp at +65 3165 0198

Direct bank transfer: make your payment directly to our bank account. Kindly use your order number as payment reference (e.g. PayLah, PayNow, Google Pay)

Cash payment: make your payment upon delivery of the product via cash.

Website payment: Debit or credit card payment using debit or credit card, or PayPal.

Installments: 3x installment payments via Hoolah.

Unfortunately, no refund accepted.

Sterra water purifier is an exclusive product made in Korea. You can visit our showroom for a product demonstration. Simply book an appointment by contacting us through +65 3165 0198 or

Yes. Kindly book an appointment at +65 3165 0198 or for a site visit. We provide free online site visit and physical home site visit.

Yes you can install it in your office as long as it has water and an electrical point. Kindly enquire us at +65 3165 0198 to book a site visit to your office.

Our friendly product specialist will come over during the installation to do a product demonstration so you can make the full use of Sterra water purifier.

About the Product

Sterra Water Purifier has:

  • A UV Sterilization for Nozzle
    This keeps the nozzle squeaky clean at all times. You don't have to worry about dirt or bacteria accumulating in it. That's aside from being able to keep the nozzle tucked inside the machine when not in use.
  • A Self-maintenance Feature
    It is a smart device equipped with a self-maintenance technology that uses Electrolytic sterlizationto self-clean the inner water pipes.
  • The Best Quality at the Most Affordable Price
    It is very affordable and high quality. Most often than not, better products and services means higher price as well. Not with Sterra though. We have eliminated middlemen to keep the price lean without compromising quality.
  • A World-class Customer Service
    It is powered by a world-class customer care team. We will help you make decisions for you and your family's health. We also have well-trained technicians handling installation and repairs.

Sterra is unquestionably the best value you can get at an incomparable price.

Our filters do not have alkaline function as we prefer our water to be pure and of neutral pH. Our pH level is the same as normal drinking water as we are unsure of the long term effects of drinking too much alkaline. Upon research, we didn't find any studies that prove the benefits of alkaline water. Our main purpose is to filter the water to make sure it is clean from bacteria and chemicals.

Sterra Water Purifier is a smart device designed to be energy-friendly. When you are not using the machine, the machine will be on standby mode to save energy. The power needed for the hot water is actually less than the power used to boil water with a kettle. The power required for using the chilled water is equivalent to when you are using a ceiling fan.

Here are the some appliances for comparison:

  • Heating: 2600 Watt - equivalent to a steam iron, electric stove
  • Cooling: 70 Watt - equivalent to a ceiling fan

This is the dimensions of our slim and sleek Sterra Water Dispenser.

Width: 182mm

Depth: 509mm

Height: 403mm

Our local company is homegrown in Singapore and has already been around for 7 years with many different brands launched. We are here to stay for a long time. Our Korean partner who builds our water purifier has over 23 years of experience with water purifiers and they are always using R&D to update themselves with the latest technology. As such, our product quality is of the highest standards. With years of credibility and experience, we guarantee there is no concerns about reliability.

With a complete sterilisation system, you can be sure that the water from our water purifier is clean and healthy to drink. There is UV sterilisation at the nozzle and electrolytic sterilisation throughout the whole water path in the water purifier.

By passing the water through a 4 stage filtration system and a complete sterilisation system, harmful contaminants and pathogenic bacteria are filtered out.

With a post carbon block filter, remaining gas and carbon are filtered out to remove odours and give a better water taste.

The water purifier is made and designed in South Korea.

South Korea has the highest expectations for their drinking water. Even though tap water in South Korea is safe to drink, most Koreans don’t drink it unless they boil or filter it first.

This healthy habit of Koreans led to many resources spent on R&D for water purification technology. After months of research and working with the best people, Sterra’s story begins.