5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sterra S Water Purifier NOW!

The Sterra S Water Purifier is an amazing water purifier that has brought us so much convenience in getting instant hot & cold water!

But it may be the best time to upgrade to Sterra's latest Water Purifier, Sterra 7, now...


1. Sterra 7 is the Latest Technology Water Purifier in Singapore

We've spent the last 2 years doing R&D to come up with a Patented Semiconductor in Singapore. Sterra 7 is the only water purifier in Singapore that has this technology. This breakthrough technology helps us save money on future maintenance.


2. Lifetime warranty for Leaking & Touch Panel + Leak-Proof Guarantee

We are so confident with this technology that we have provided Sterra 7 with lifetime warranty for Leaking & Touch Panel. So it's totally risk-free for you.


3. More advanced features

Sterra 7 comes with 8-Stage filtration and 6 different temperatures. This means cleaner water and convenience from more temperature options.


4. Free 5 Years Warranty Worth $399 (Exclusive to Sterra S Owners)

Exclusive to Sterra S owners, once you purchase a Sterra 7 Water Purifier, you immediately get FREE 5 Years Warranty. Other customers only get a 1-Year warranty. 


5. Limited Time Price of ONLY $1,299 (Exclusive to Sterra S Owners)



Exclusive to Sterra S owners, we are offering this one-time offer of $1,299 for the upgrade to Singapore's Latest Technology Water Purifier, Sterra 7. Other customers pay $1,799. 


If you are keen to upgrade, use this discount code upon checkout to trade-in and upgrade your Sterra S to Sterra 7 at only $1,299 and get 5 Years Warranty for FREE...




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