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Sterra S™ Tankless Water Purifier

$2,199 $1,699

The lowest-priced tankless water purifier in Singapore that dispenses filtered water in 4 different temperatures instantly...

So you can get your water effortlessly, enjoy more free time, and savour refreshing, thirst-quenching water anytime.

Instant cold, room, warm, and hot water at 4, 25, 40, 87°C, respectively. Designed with a 4-Stage Filtration System for safe, delicious water you deserve. Connects directly to the water supply so you don’t need to top up water.

Sterra Breeze™ Air Purifier (Using UV)


The No. 1 hospital-grade air purifier that eliminates deadly viruses, smoke, and air contaminants...

So your air at home stays clean, safe, and healthy for you and your family.

Removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particles using True HEPA-13 Filter Delivers 400 m3/hr of fresh, clean air whilst covering up to 3 to 4-room HDB flat Operates as silent as a soft whisper on its lowest fan setting.
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Sterra bundle makes your home more cozy, convenient, and complete for you and your family... at the best price!

Home is where your heart feels belong, secure, and comfortable. 

So make it feel more cozy, convenient, and complete for you and your loved ones today with the ultimate Sterra Tankless Water Purifier and Medical Grade Air Purifier bundle.

This carefully selected bundle comes with Singapore's lowest-priced tankless water purifier—which dispenses your filtered, delicious water in 4 different temperatures instantly... 

And the industry-leading air purifier that gets rid of 99.97% of all air contaminants at home—to make your air truly safe, clean and fresh.

It’s built with True HEPA-13 filter, the same medical-grade filter used in hospitals, to eliminate deadly viruses, secondhand smoke, allergens, and more effectively.


What’s included:

Sterra S™ Tankless Water Purifier

  • 1 × Tankless Water Purifier
  • Receive $350 worth of filters (2 years filter set) for free
  • Free delivery and installation
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years Warranty for Touch Screen and Water Leaks
  • Redeem a complimentary lifetime warranty extension for touch panel and water leakage when you post and share a photo review of Sterra S on social media! 

Sterra Breeze™ Air Purifier (With UV)

  • 1 × Air Purifier
  • 3 Years Warranty