Top 4 reasons why you should stop drinking tap water

dirty water

Even though Singapore’s water is considered safe for drinking, most people prefer to boil water before drinking it, rightfully so. The water from tap travelled a long way through metal water pipes and tanks before reaching our homes. We dive deeper into understanding why we should stop drinking tap water even though it’s considered safe.


Here are top 4 reasons why you should stop drinking tap water and start using Sterra.


  1. Convenience

To get hot water from the tap, we have to boil water, which takes a lot of time. To have room temperature drinking water, it means we have to boil with a kettle or boiler, and then let it cool before we have drinking water. If we would like chilled water, we also have to put it in the fridge. The water is usually limited to the size of the kettle, which is not enough for the family. Often people drink less water, which is not good. Or we spend a lot of time per day to boil and cool water to our desired temperature. In the long run, we use up too much of our life managing drinkable water.  A Sterra Water Purifier solves this big issue by providing pure drinkable water instantly at 4 temperatures – Cold (4°C), Room (25°C), Warm (40°C), Hot (87°C). All this is achieved instantly, which will save you hundreds of hours over your lifetime.


  1. Clean water

The tap water that arrives at our home travelled a long way through metal pipes and tanks that have been around for years! Even though tap water is considered safe for drinking, it contains many impurities, particles, bacteria, lead and chlorine. This is why the water has a metal or rusty taste. Or it’s like drinking water from the pool. If you notice, you will also realize that the taps will look brown after some time due to the tap water. While tap water is considered safe for drinking, we can have even cleaner water by having a personal water purifying lab at home. The Sterra Water Purifier makes sure water is purified right before it enters your cup. Sterra use high technology 4-stage filtering to remove impurities, particles, bacteria, lead and chlorine. Boiling the water doesn’t remove lead and chlorine from the water, which is why water still has the rusty taste even after boiling. Ideally, we don’t want lead and chlorine to enter our bodies through drinking water, which is why Sterra is crucial.  


  1. Water is the most important thing we take in

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, because without health, nothing else matters. We try a lot of exercises, food and diet. But the thing that humans take in most is water. We drink more water than we eat food. Up to 60% of the human body is made of water. The world is made of 71% water. It is very clear that water is the most important thing that not only affects us, but are what made us and the place we live in. This is why we should never compromise on the quality of our water. At Sterra, we don’t want to let others determine the quality of water we drink. We want to take control and make sure the quality of water our family and us drink are the best quality.


  1. Save cost and energy

The Sterra water purifier helps you cut cost and energy. Sterra water purifier is a smart device where it draws in electricity only when you use the hot or cold water. Even then, the power needed for Sterra to make hot water is actually less than the power used to boil water with kettle. The power required for using the cooling is the less than a ceiling fan. When the machine is not in use, it will be on standby mode, in which the energy consumption is insignificant. Sterra saves you money, energy and electricity.

Sterra wins in convenience, health and cost. There is no reason to drink tap water or boiled water, just like there is no reason to drink from the well. It's time to move on... to the future of water.