The Secret to a Clean, Fresh-Smelling Room

Who doesn’t like a squeaky clean room, right?

But, there are times that no matter how hard we clean every day, there’s still that feeling that it’s not 100% clean. That kind of clean where you can actually feel and smell it. 

Imagine this: you just changed the sheets, vacuumed the room, sprayed some of your favorite linen spray or turned on your favorite scent in your humidifier. But then you still end up sneezing right before bed or even after waking up. 

That’s because the air itself is not clean. Air comes with toxins and chemical fumes that are invisible to the eye. All harmful airborne particles are just floating in the air, getting into your lungs and causing you and your family harm.

Simply cleaning and spraying air fresheners may cover up unpleasant odors for a short while, but they cannot eliminate the source of the bad smell or purify the air so that it is healthier to breathe.

You need a super assistant that thoroughly purifies the air beyond what you can see.

Sterra Moon™ True HEPA-13 Air Purifier


With Sterra Moon™ true HEPA-13 hospital grade filter, you will have the absolute confidence that your home is clean, fresh, and free from harmful airborne contaminants. 

Achieve a spotless, fresh-smelling room without having to do more cleaning with Sterra.

It effectively traps 99.97% air pollutants that are 0.3 microns in size — the smallest particle size that enters our lungs! This includes allergens, pollens, pet fur, bacteria, virus, fungus, and other airborne particles.

Say goodbye to allergies, foul smells, and dirty air, and say hello to a cleaner environment for a healthier living!

Now you can wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed, having improved focus, and increased productivity without the sinuses and allergies getting in the way.

Why Sterra? Clean Fresh-Smelling Room Revealed!

Your amazing sidekick to make your space look, feel, and smell cleaner!

We're dedicated to manufacturing the best air purifier systems on the market by using advanced technology and innovative design to ensure superior air quality. 

We offer the most competitive pricing ($300-$400 less expensive than other brands) while still meeting and even exceeding the specifications of competing brands. 

We strive to provide you with the healthiest and most comfortable living environment possible so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the air that you and your family breathe is clean and fresh. This is Sterra’s way.

  • Just One Touch to Operate 

With its ControlSphere™, you can easily turn on and off the device with a simple tap of a sensor.

  • Real-time Air Quality Tracking 

Its LED ring color indicator will let you know how clean or dirty your air is in real-time.

  • Cleans Air in Minutes 

Capable of producing 280m3 of fresh air per hour, it can sanitize the air in a 15 m2 room in less than 8 minutes!

  • Operates Silently 

20 dB is its lowest fan setting, so you won’t notice it running and purifying your air even at night. 

Perfect for homes with light sleepers, infants, and those who have a long day and want to have a restful night while breathing in safe, clean air.

  • Fully Purifies the Air in Your Rooms 

Sterra Moon fully cleans all areas of your rooms so that you can breathe clean, fresh air in every corner of your home with its air purifier system (Pre-Filter, Activated Charcoal, and True HEPA-13 filter). 

Here are some things you need to consider:


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