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Which Area in Singapore has the most polluted air?

Which area in Singapore has the worst Air Pollution?

Singapore's air ranges from good to bad in terms of air quality, depending on the region and day. Today we find out which region has the worst air.

Credit: This data is taken from IQAir and it changes on a daily basis.

According to this table, Yishun ranks as the number 1 most polluted area in Singapore, followed by NUS and then Singapore river.

The Cleanest Air Award goes to the West side of Singapore, which is surprising since there are many factories in the West. But I guess it's a win for Westies! Yay!

According to IQAir, the air in Singapore is generally rated as moderate.

Although Singapore is generally considered clean, we are not considered clean in terms of air quality. In fact, we are only rated as moderate on most days. However, poor air quality is common for busy and populated cities. 

The air quality also changes on a daily basis. We can see that we are rated as good on some days.

Air pollution is real, whether you can visibly see it or not!

Air pollution is REAL and studies have shown it kills 7 million lives a year through cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. That's 800 lives gone per hour due to air pollution. By the time you read this line, another 13 lives have gone in the past one minute. That's a crazy amount of deaths!

So what should we do?

The good thing is studies have also shown that Air Purifiers with TRUE HEPA13 filters can remove harmful nanoparticles from poor air quality, therefore significantly reducing the harmful effects and symptoms of air pollution. 

Air purifiers have been selling like crazy these few months... this is because more and more people are realizing the harmful effects of air pollution and how having a good air purifier at home can help with that.

Are Air Purifiers really helpful?

Having a good air purifier at home will improve your health, sleep, energy, mood and how you feel every day. Is there Science behind the benefits of air purifier? Yes! Benefits of air purifiers are backed by science, but they need to have a few things for them to be fully effective. Here we discuss the 10 benefits of air purifiers proven by Science.

In short...

Air purifiers are proven by Science to reduce respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, stuffy nose and effects from home with pets. Air purifiers stop aerosols, viruses and bacteria. Air purifiers are even proven by Science to improve student performance.


Most air purifiers don't have the basic requirements of an effective air purifier, which are TRUE HEPA-13 Filters and Activated Carbon filters. These are essential if you want to remove harmful particles and bad smell from your home or office.


Don't waste your money on air purifiers without TRUE HEPA-13 filters or activated carbon filters as they are not as effective and beneficial. Most air purifiers with TRUE HEPA-13 filters and Activated Carbon filters are also grossly overpriced. Don't waste your money on those as well.

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