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Top 6 Myths of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have been selling like crazy these few months… this is because more and more people are realizing the importance of having a good air purifier at home. Having a good air purifier at home will improve your health, sleep, energy, mood and how you feel every day.

However, there are also a lot of myths and misconceptions about the air purifier. Today we will share the top 6 myths of air purifiers.

Myth #1: There is no Science behind whether air purifiers really work or not.

Many people think that air purifiers are a waste of money because there is no science behind the benefits of air purifiers. Digging deeper, it's not true that there is no science behind Air Purifiers. In fact, there are a lot of science behind the benefits. We shared more in this article 10 Science-Backed Benefits of Air Purifiers.

Some of the science-backed benefits include:

  • Removing nanoparticles that cause health problems
  • Stop viruses and bacteria
  • Reduce spread of Covid-19
  • Help with asthma, allergies, stuffy nose
  • Improve student performance (This is so surprising!)


Myth #2: The air indoor is very clean, so there is no need for Air Purifiers.

It's a very common misconception than indoor air is clean, so there is no need for air purifiers. But studies have shown time and again indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. This study by The Straits Times states that air inside buildings can be five times more polluted than air outside. This is because "there are chemicals from cleaning products, aerosols and perfume rivaling diesel fumes as causes of contamination." 

This article from CNBC also states that "Indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air, research shows." And that "World Health Organization has said that household cooking with coal or biomass-burning stoves led to 4.3 million deaths in 2021, compared with 3.7 million deaths from outdoor air pollution."


Myth #3: An air-conditioned room doesn't need an air purifier.

In reality, air conditioning usually worsens indoor air quality rather than improve it. Air conditioning works by circulating already present air in the room. This is stale and polluted indoor air. This means for air conditioning to work, it has to trap indoor contaminants. Air quality decreases over time with air conditioning.


Myth #4: Singapore's air is very clean, so there is no need for air purifiers.

Many people also think that Singapore's air is very clean and has no need for air purifiers. Yes Singapore is a clean country, but being a busy city with lots of people, cars and factories, it's not entirely true our air is so clean. 

Moreover, it is not only the air outside that causes air pollution. The air indoors causes a lot of air pollution as well.

In fact, looking at the World Air Quality Ranking, Singapore is not the best in air quality and also sometimes ranks below cities in Malaysia, Cambodia or Vietnam.


Myth #5: All air purifiers will remove bad smell and odour

Not all air purifiers are built the same. Only the high quality air purifiers with carbon filters are able to remove bad smell and odour. So if you are looking for an air purifier to remove bad smell like mouldy smell, pet smells or musty smells, then it is important to find one that has a carbon filter. All other air purifiers will not remove smell.


Myth #6: All air purifiers will cure breathing problems

Studies have proven that air purifiers will reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. However, only high quality air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove at least 99.7% of dust, pollen and mould spores. High quality air purifier filters will also have anti-bacterial function, killing bacteria and viruses. This means that a person with allergy, asthma or stuffy nose should experience little to no symptoms.


Do you really need an air purifier?

Understanding these myths, do you think you need an air purifier? There are many studies that prove the benefits of air purifiers. An air purifier will create a safe and healthy environment for your home or office. It will remove harmful air particles, pollutants and substances. 

The only downside is the cost of buying an air purifier. So it depends on whether you personally feel it's worth it.


High quality & Affordable Air Purifier

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