This is why we have to increase our prices - Sterra

This is why we have to increase our prices

When we started Sterra, our mission is to let as many people get hold of our amazing products, at value prices, through world-class customer experience

Amazing Products

By amazing products, what we mean is that we only provide the best quality products, with premium specs, effectiveness and beautiful minimalistic designs. We spend a lot of time and costs in R&D and stringent Quality Control to ensure what we provide is nothing less of our premium standards and quality.

Value Prices

Putting ourselves in our customers' perspective, we basically want you get the best value and ROI for your money. We do this through the Direct-to-Consumer model. This means that we avoid up to 30% of middlemen costs, where we transfer this savings to our customers. You will enjoy value pricing without compromising on premium product standards and quality.

World-class Customer Experience

Great products is nothing without world-class customer experience. This is where we strive to achieve 2-3 days delivery time and 24-hour customer support through all channels including live chats, phone calls and emails, wherever you may need us. We aim to solve all concerns and challenges our customers have to your satisfaction and in a timely manner.

Growing with Sterra

We are so thankful to our customers' support that pushed us through immense growth. Having new product launches and a fast-growing customer base means we will need to increase our costs of infrastructure. For example, a larger team of customer support specialists, a large team of our highly skilled technicians, bigger warehouses, etc. 

We are committed to never compromising on our mission to provide amazing products, at value prices, through world-class customer experience.

This means that we will not be able to sustain at our current selling prices and we will need to increase our prices soon.

If you would like to get the Sterra Moon Air Purifier before we increase prices, please click here to check for availability now.