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This is Why A Dehumidifier Is Crucial For The Haze

The Haze is officially here in Singapore... 

CNA and NEA state that air quality in Singapore has entered 'unhealthy' range due to haze, for the first time since 2019.

While we all know air purifiers are very helpful for the haze, what most people don't realize is that in a humid country like Singapore, a Dehumidifier can help to even further improve the haze situation.

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When we add the Sterra Sun Dehumidifier to an air purifier, we can improve the haze situation by up to 30% more as compared only using an air purifier.


Here are top 5 reasons why you need a Dehumidifier for the Haze:

1. Dehumidifier reduces the size of Haze Particles, which makes it less harmful.

In high humidity conditions like Singapore, water-soluble haze particles absorb the excess moisture from the air, leading them to increase in size. 

Why is This a Concern?

Larger haze particles are more likely to settle on indoor surfaces - think of your furniture, floors, and especially your lungs. When inhaled, these larger particles get trapped in the respiratory tract, causing irritation and potentially leading to more severe health complications.

A Dehumidifier removes excess moisture and prevents the swelling of haze particles.

The End Result

With optimal humidity levels from the Dehumidifier, haze particles remain smaller, making them less likely to settle on surfaces or be inhaled. Additionally, if you're using an air purifier, these smaller particles are easier for the purifier to capture and filter out, ensuring that the air you breathe is as clean as possible.


2. Dehumidifier boosts your air purifier's efficiency

Running an air purifier alongside a dehumidifier is the perfect combination. With optimal humidity levels maintained by a Dehumidifier, your air purifier can work at peak performance.

Wet filters can restrict an air purifier's function. When a filter is wet, the air flow is not maximized. It restricts the device's ability to pull in and push out air, thus affecting effectiveness of your air purifier.

Dehumidifiers help to improve your indoor air quality in this way. Dehumidifier also extends the lifespan of your filters, maximizing effectiveness of your air purifiers.


3. Combat Mold and Mildew growth to prevent sickness

In a haze season, many additional airborne threats and and elements are introduced to the home. These new particles combined with humidity accelerates growth of mold and mildew, which causes a lot of discomfort and sicknesses. These includes, allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases. Not to mention bad odor and damages to luxury items and property damage.

A Dehumidifier ensures these additional airborne threats and elements that are introduced to the home don't have a comfy environment for them to accelerate mold and mildew growth.


4. Breathe easier and more Comfortably

The combination of haze and high humidity is a nightmare for people with respiratory concerns like asthma, allergies and other infections. It often leads to breathing difficulties. A Dehumidifier reduces indoor humidity, making air lighter, easier and more comfortable to breathe.

5. Prevent Haze-Induced Condensation

Many additional airborne threats and and elements are introduced to the home. When the humidity is high, there are often condensation around the home, and some are not visible to the eye.

There will be a certain amount of condensation in walls, windows and other parts of the home. When there is condensation, haze particles get trapped, which causes the house to collect large amounts of haze particles that stay in the house for long periods of time. 

A Dehumidifier ensures walls and windows remain dry, so that haze particles will not be trapped in the home.



In the Battle Against Haze, Every Breath Counts. Air Purifiers are a necessity, but Dehumidifiers can do so much more when paired with an aair purifier. 

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