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Does Indoor or Outdoor Pollution Cause more Deaths?

Is Indoor or Outdoor Air pollution worse?

It's a very common misconception than indoor air is clean, so there is no need for air purifiers. But studies have shown time and again indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

This study by The Straits Times states that air inside buildings can be five times more polluted than air outside. This is because "there are chemicals from cleaning products, aerosols and perfume rivaling diesel fumes as causes of contamination." 

This article from CNBC also states that "Indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air, research shows." And that "World Health Organization has said that household cooking with coal or biomass-burning stoves led to 4.3 million deaths in 2021, compared with 3.7 million deaths from outdoor air pollution."

So there you go... Myth of Indoor air being clean is busted. 

Indoor Air Pollution kills more people than outdoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is caused by contamination from moulds, chemicals from cleaning products, aerosols and perfume rivaling diesel fumes.

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