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7 Reasons New Home Owners Should Get Sterra Moon Air Purifier

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Congratulations on your new home!

Moving into your new home is an exciting milestone. And as new owners, it's likely you want to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for your family to thrive in.

This is why you should get the Sterra Moon Air Purifier - a valuable addition to your new living space. Read on to find out the top 7 reasons why the Sterra Moon is a truly must-have item for your new home.

Top 7 reasons why you need the Sterra Moon air purifier

Comparison between an antique chair and two modern cylindrical air purifiers with dimensions labeled.

Most compact with absolute power

The Sterra Moon is the most compact air purifier that effectively purifies rooms up to 615 ft². It's ultra-lightweight and super easy to carry around to provide complete purification throughout your home.

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Designer aesthetic for any interior

Our expert design team has worked tirelessly to make Sterra Moon the only air purifier with a sleek, minimalistic, and modern design that allows it to fit any interior and accentuate the beauty of your home.

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Touch and feel one across Singapore

You are more than welcome to visit any of our showrooms throughout Singapore to get your hands on Sterra Moon air purifier and experience its many features and colorways. Check out our showrooms.

Person holding a smartphone displaying air quality data next to an air purifier unit.

Advanced features at your fingers

The included Sterra mobile app provides plenty of handy features such as real-time air quality display, timers, fan speeds, filter change indicator, making its daily usage an enjoyable and effortless experience.

Family laughing together with a 5-star rating and 811 reviews displayed.

Most reviewed air purifier in Singapore

Sterra Moon is the only air purifier with the most positive reviews in Singapore. Its superb air purification with an affordable price makes it loved by thousands of our happy customers worldwide.

Comparison table between Sterra and other brands of air purifiers.

Super affordable with powerful specs

The Sterra Moon air purifier features the latest air purification technologies while staying extremely affordable. This makes it the best air purifier to invest in, giving you the most bang for your buck.

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Top-notch customer after-sales support

By choosing Sterra, you don't just get high-quality products but also world-class service. Whether it is one-on-one support or an expert in-house technician team, you get it quickly and professionally.

These 7 reasons make the Sterra Moon Air Purifier loved by thousands of our happy customers! Read their reviews here.

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