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Top 6 Simple Habits to Keep Your Home Always Dust-Free


JUNE 21, 2024

Are you and your family so tired of looking at such a dusty home? Household dust is an incredibly common, persistent, and frustrating issue that we all have, and absolutely hate.

Well, worry not! It's about darn time we dusted that dust away. We have done some research and found these to be 6 good habits to keep your home dust-free. Adopting these habits today to keep dust at bay!

6 good habits to maintain a dust-free home

Foot mats and shoe racks are your dear friends

As the first line of defense against dust bunnies, foot mats and shoe racks are life savers. Placing foot mats at the entrance and high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and balcony helps reduce dust accumulation, and having a shoe rack at the entrance encourages guests and members to remove their shoes before entering. This helps reduce the amount of dust that gets tracked inside.

Choose minimal over knickknacks

We know, we know. You love that beautiful painting, gorgeous light fixture, or even luscious deer head mount (whatever floats your boat). But when it comes to having a dust-free home, less REALLY is more. To minimize dust accumulation on surfaces, pick minimal easy-to-clean decorations instead of knickknacks and wall hangings that can collect dust, especially if you live near busy roads.

When cleaning, go top to bottom

It may be shocking to know that despite how small and light dust is, gravity still applies to it! To keep your home dust-free, adopt a top-down cleaning habit. Start with overhead light fixtures and ceiling fans, then work your way to shelves and racks, and finally clean the floors last. This simple technique prevents dust from upper surfaces from settling on lower areas that you may have already cleaned.

Have your bedding take frequent showers

You may be surprised to learn that your bedding is covered in stuff that is basically dust in the making - skin cells, sweat, dust mites, and whatever run-of-the-mill dirt or grime you bring in when you get to bed. To keep your home free of dust (and your skin clear!), wash your pillowcases and sheets weekly, blankets and covers every 1-2 weeks, and vacuum your mattress every 6 months.

Give your carpets and rugs some tough love

Did you know that your rugs and carpets are dust magnets, and it's nearly impossible to remove all the dust and because of their tiny fibers? To help minimize dust accumulation on these hard-to-clean surfaces, form a habit of shaking or beating your rugs and carpets outside every 1-2 months. If it's been over a year, trust us when we say it's worth it to get them professionally cleaned.

Your green friends deserve some attention too

Yes, houseplants should have a place in your home. They help improve your home's air quality and provide natural decoration. But without proper care, these friendly greeneries can pick up dust and make your home dusty. Try to dust or clean their leaves with a damp towel or cloth every 1-2 weeks. This helps your plants (and you) breathe more easily.

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